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The Sonifex S2

The Sonifex S2 Mixer

S2 is a modular broadcast mixer which offers digital audio quality with analogue reliability in a modular format. S2 has both digital and analogue input channels, together with simultaneous analogue and digital outputs.

Following on from the Sovereign range of audio mixers, S2 combines all the features needed of a radio broadcast mixer in a stylish, flush-mounting chassis : a wide range of input and output channels, PFL/cue, fader-start operation of equipment, automatic monitor muting on mic-live, light controlling remote outputs, optional EQ on input modules, gram amp input options and 2 main audio buses, allowing you to broadcast on the PRG bus while recording on the AUD bus, with bus output selection on each module.

Building Your S2 Mixer

Choose A Chassis Size

The S2 mixer frame is available in a range of chassis sizes to accommodate 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 channels. Remember you can combine two chassis is a split configuration if you wish.

5 Channel chassis 15 Channel Chassis 25 Channel Chassis

5, 15 & 25 channel chassis pictured.

Select Your Input Channels

Decide what input channels you need. How many microphones do you want to use, how many stereo sources. Do you need telco channels or digital inputs?

Common input channels include:

  • Mic / Mic Channels
  • Dual Stereo Channels
  • Telco Channels
  • Source Selector Channels
  • Mix Minus Channels
  • Stereo Line / Gram Channels

Many of these channels are available with or without EQ options.

Add In The Output Channels

You are also going to need some output channels to connect your S2 to speakers, studio switchers etc.

Common output channels include:

  • Control Room Monitor Channel
  • PGM Output Channel
  • Aud Output Channel

These most of these channels are also available with master faders.

Select Your Meter Bridge Options

This is where you will house your choice of PPM or LED meters as well as a range of additional panels such as talkback, speakers or studio switch remotes.

Common meter bridge panels include:

  • Traditional PPM's
  • LED PPM's
  • VU's
  • Audition Speaker
  • Switch Panel (usually for studio remote switching)
  • Talkback


Don't Forget Your Blanks & Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Once you have selected all the channels and bridge panels that you need, all that is left to do is fill in all the gaps with blank panels and script trays. It is a good idea to order a chassis that will have lots of blank space even once you have added in all your channels as that way, expanding your S2 in the future is simply a case of ordering extra channels and fitting them into the gaps on your chassis.


Finally you will need a PSU to power your S2. This is available in  single or dual configuration depending on your needs (and budget).

Don't Worry! We Can Do All This For You

There is no doubt that one of the S2's greatest strengths is it's ability to be configured in hundreds of different ways to suit the needs of a station, but specifying an S2 can be a daunting prospect. 

So let us do the work!

We will ask you a few questions like what equipment you want to connect to the mixer, what it is plugged into and how you intend to use it. We will then configure your ideal S2, ensure you have the channels you need, sort out your meter options and fill in all the blanks. Once we know what you need we can offer you a competitive quote for supply or installation of your new mixer.

Part Number: S2

Fully Configurable - Contact us for a free quotation.

Sonifex S2- Standard 15 Frame Mixer Configuration


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Sonifex S2-Standard 25 Frame Mixer Configuration


Pictured with K500 keyboard.

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Key features include:

Innovative Design

  • The S2 chassis is available in 5 module width sections, allowing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 module width mixers. This means S2 can be used for small newsrooms or large on-air situations.
  • Modular “pop-up” input and output channels means that the mixer can be maintained simply and quickly. Hot-swappable input channels can be individually removed and repaired whilst still on-air.
  • The angle of the meterbridge can be varied and set for best viewing position.
  • Any module can be in any position so that customising the mixer for your own purposes is easy.
  • Large back-lit buttons allow you to see the status of the mixer at all times.
  • The fitted rear panel hides all cable connections but can be simply unclipped and reclipped for maintenance.
  • The modular design of the desk gives you the flexibility to expand it at a later date. You can even add another S2 mixer and link them together with a bus connector cable to allow for split desk configurations.

High Quality Audio

  • The S2 uses the latest Crystal semiconductor technology to allow input and output of digital audio signals up to 24 bit, 96kHz sample rate.
  • The analogue signal paths use low noise circuitry to provide superb audio performance well capable of satisfying radio listeners worldwide.
  • The high reliability and build quality of S2 minimises the chance of failure, avoiding lost air-time. Each module is individually checked twice before being assembled into the finished chassis and the whole unit is tested before shipping.
  • ALPS long throw 100mm faders give a smooth, repeatable response and the XLR Neutrik connectors used are an industry standard.
  • The use of VCAs controlled by the faders ensures tight stereo tracking and eliminates mechanical and electronic noise.
  • S2 has a separate 2U power supply providing regulated, ripple-free power to the mixer. There is also an optional switcher to control 2 power supplies providing redundancy.
  • High quality stainless steel is used for the chassis and screws to prevent corrosion in high humidity environments.
  • Each channel is metal coated internally to provide exceptional EMC screening.

Input/Output Impedances

Mic Input: > 1k5Ω electronically balanced
Mono Line Input: > 20kΩ electronically balanced
Stereo Line Input: > 20kΩ electronically balanced
PGM & AUD Output: < 75Ω electronically balanced
Mono Output: < 75Ω electronically balanced
Monitor Outputs: < 75Ω unbalanced
AES Input/Output: 110Ω
S/PDIF Input/Output: 75Ω
BNC Wordclock input: 50Ω

Input/Output Gain Range

Mic Input: Preset pot +13dB to +66dB ref -50dBu, TRIM pot ±12dB
Mono Line Input: Preset pot -6dB to +10dB ref 0dBu, TRIM pot ±12dB
Stereo Line Input: Preset pot -6dB to +10dB ref 0dBu, TRIM pot ±12dB
Telco Input: Preset pot -6dB to +10dB ref 0dBu, TRIM pot ±12dB
Telco Output: Preset pot -6dB to +4dB ref 0dBu
Mix Minus Input: Preset pot -6dB to +10dB ref 0dBu, TRIM pot ±12dB
Mix Minus Output: Preset pot -3dB to +3dB ref 0dBu
Digital Input: 0dBFS = +12dBu on input; TRIM pot ±12dB allowing 0dBu to +24dBu
Digital Output: 0dBFS = +18dBu

Frequency Response

Mic Input: 40Hz to 20kHz, -1dB,+0dB (-3dB at 130Hz with HPF in)
Line Inputs: 20Hz to 20kHz, - 0.5dB,+0dB
RIAA Input: 30Hz to 16kHz ±1.5dB RIAA equalised

Noise (20Hz to 20kHz)

Mic Input E.I.N.: -129dB with 150Ω source
Stereo Inputs (fader down, no routing): -89dB ref 0dB
Stereo Inputs (fader down, one channel routed): -89dB
Stereo Inputs (unity gain, no routing): -89dB
Stereo Inputs (unity gain, one channel routed): -86dB
Stereo Inputs (unity gain, two channels routed): -83dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.015% at 1kHz, 0dB
0.025% at 10kHz, 0dB


Inter-channel: < -90dBu
Stereo: -90dBu at 1kHz


LF Shelving at 100Hz: ±7dB
HF Shelving at 6.5kHz: ±7dB 


Pan Range: off/-3dB centre/off
Balance Range: ±6dB

Common Mode Rejection Ratio

Mic Input: > 100dB at 70dB gain

Digital I/O

Sync Input Sample Rate: 30kHz - 100kHz
Output Sample Rates (Using Onboard Clock): 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, & 96kHz
Output Sample Width: 16, 20, 24 bit (24 bit on V2 ODA/ODP)


Headphone Output Load: >45Ω, 400Ω recommended
Maximum Output (Analogue): +26dBu balanced into 2kΩ or greater


Power (S2-PSU): Filtered IEC, switchable 115V, 230V, fused, 210W max.
Dimensions (S2-PSU):
48cm (W) x 24.3cm (D) x 8.8cm (H)
19” (W) x 10” (D) x 3.5” (H)
Dimensions (S2-PSU):
51cm (W) x 41.5cm (D) x 17cm (H)
20” (W) x 16.3” (D) x 6.7” (H)
Weight (S2-PSU): Nett: 6kg       Gross: 7.8kg
Nett: 13.2lbs Gross: 17lbs
Dimensions (S2-PSUS):
48cm (W) x 23cm (D) x 4.4cm (H)
19” (W) x 9” (D) x 1.7” (H)
Dimensions (S2-PSUS):
55cm (W) x 39.3cm (D) x 8.5cm (H)
21.6” (W) x 15.5” (D) x 3.4” (H)
Weight (S2-PSUS): Nett: 1.58kg Gross: 2kg
Nett: 3.5lbs  Gross: 4.4lbs

What we think...

The S2 is probably the most flexible mixer on the market. Whether you want a little production mixer or massive split console, the S2 provides a high quality, rock solid solution. The S2 can be found in our two largest Classic Studios packages, they are great desks.

Liam Burke - Broadcast Radio





Download The User Guide

Download the S2 User Manual.

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