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Axia Mixers

In 2003, Axia Audio, the studio audio division of the Telos Alliance, invented Audio-over-IP for broadcasting. They created professional radio gear that networks, using standard Ethernet, for use in digital audio routing, mixing and distribution systems for broadcast and other pro-audio applications.

Axia offers a range of cutting edge digital audio devises. Instead of audio being plugged into the mixer, it is converted to IP and made available on the network to any Axia enabled device. Playout systems (such as Myriad Playout) and can also route audio to your Axia system directly increasing flexibility whilst simultaneously reducing the wiring infrastructure your stations needs.

Radius AoIP Console

The Radius is a small, fixed format console designed for digital studios where no more than eight faders are needed at a time. Because of the nature of the Axia range, this eight channel desk is not restricted in the same way a traditional desk is because eight faders just means you can only have eight things faded up at the same time! Sources can be routed to channels individually or you can use one of four custom pre-sets to switch the desk/channel configuration.

iQ AoIP Console

The iQ is an expandable digital console that be configured to have between 8 and 24 faders depending on needs and budgets. The basic console package consists of an 8 channel iQ console coupled with a QOR.32 DSP mix engine. The system can then be expanded by adding up to two more consoles at either 6 or eight channels each.

Fusion AoIP Console

The Fusion AoIP console is Axia's flagship digital mixing solution aimed at commercial broadcasters looking for a highly flexible and scalable solution. Built on the same Livewire technology as all of the Axia range, the Fusion offers a modular desk design meaning each console can be custom designed to meet your needs. The Fusion range s also compatible with the Pathfinder software to allow you to perform complex audio mixing and routing tasks ideal for multi-studio broadcast environments.

xNodes & Accessories

The Axia Livewire digital system can be expanded with a range of hardware interfaces called xNodes. These allow you to input or output audio and I/O to Axia AoIP network from anywhere in your station. In addition, there are number of expansion console panels, software options and accessories that complete your Axia installation. 

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