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Radio Production

Radio Production

Radio is about much more than just the talking bits between the tunes. Radio production covers everything from music scheduling to making jingles. We can provide you with the tools to teach your students how to make professional, engaging radio..

Music & Link Scheduling


At the heart of every radio station is the music and link scheduling system which is used to plan shows and schedule content into both live and automated shows. Typically we would recommend either AutoTrack Standard or AutoTrack Pro depending on your requirements. Both systems offer students robust music scheduling tools that are simple to understand and use. AutoTrack Pro offers more control over rules and reports and is used at many commercial radio stations.

AutoTrack Standard offers the following features:

  • Advanced categorisation of your music and link content
  • Build clocks to plan the content for each show
  • Assign clocks to hours of the week to build up your stations schedule
  • Add rules to control the flow of music and content
  • Schedule content ready for live or automated playout
  • Integrated with Myriad Playout

AutoTrack Pro also offers the following enhancements:

  • Advanced, fully configurable rules on a 'per category' basis
  • Customisable song types, genders & eras
  • Advanced reporting and mass manipulation
  • Configurable reporting
  • Customisable output for alternative playout systems

We offer a range of training tools to help you and your students to fully understand music scheduling systems including written documentation, quick guides and tutorial videos. We can also offer creative training with radio professionals with experience using AutoTrack to program real world radio stations.

Advert Scheduling

In addition to AutoTrack, the Myriad suite also offers Advert Manager free of charge to all Myriad Playout users. This simple advert scheduling system allows your students to learn the fundamentals of advert scheduling (often called trafficking in the industry) as the practical application of advert scheduling.

Audio Production & Editing


No matter what system you use, you will need to do some audio editing at some point! All of the products in the Myriad suite include audio editing built-in in the form of SmoothEdit. SmoothEdit is designed for simple studio editing such as chopping audio, changing volumes or applying simple audio processing. For more advanced stuff and for multi-tack editing you will need something a bit more powerful.

In addition to SmoothEdit we would recommend considering 3rd party editors such as Audacity (free) or Adobe Audition (not free).

Production Training


Many technology providers are great at offering some technical training as part of their service but don't always have the experience or skills to assist with the more creative aspects of radio. We are able to offer both technical and creative training on all aspects of radio with training provided by experienced professionals with years of real world, industry experience.



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