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Radio Presentation

Radio Presentation Courses

We can provide all the equipment, software and supporting services to allow you to offer engaging, industry based courses focussed on the presentation aspects of broadcast radio. This includes studio design, equipment and playout software. We can also offer both technical and creative training provided by experienced radio professionals with a rich heritage 'in front of the mic'.

Whether you run a dedicated radio presentation course or offer it as a module in a wider course, it is important to provide the students with the environment and tools they will use should they wish to pursue a career in radio. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Latest Digital Technology


To equip your students with the skills they will need in a career in radio, it is important that they are familiar with the latest technology. Most stations are now switching to digital audio over IP (AoIP) solutions such as the Axia Livewire solution as it adds an unprecedented level of flexibility and expand-ability making ideal for the ever changing landscape of education. Broadcast Radio are proud to be an Axia development partner giving us access to their entire range of Livewire enabled products.

Whilst many Universities are switching to Axia solutions, Broadcast Radio is fully independent and so can provide technology from whichever manufacturer including Sonifex, Studer, Allen & Heath, Arrikis and many more. We will be happy to recommend a technology that works with your existing equipment and will expand with your needs.

As well as mixing technology, we offer a complete range of audio equipment covering from processors to microphones and everything in between. Everything we recommend and supply is used in the broadcast industry and will form a great foundation for the students technical training.

Real Commercial Radio Software



Modern radio is as much about software as it is about hardware so it is important to offer your students access to software and tools they will find in real radio stations. There are only a handful of software solutions that meet this criteria and only one is developed and supported here in the UK and that is Myriad.

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Myriad Playout can be found in more than 1000 radio stations across the world ranging from large commercial radio broadcasters (such as talkSPORT) to tiny community broadcasters. It offers all the tools your students will need to produce and present radio shows plus teach them all about  programming, automation and common talks such as voice tracking. The latest versions also include social media interaction and connectivity with a range of digital media outputs.

Myriad is developed and supported by P Squared which is a part of the Broadcast Radio family meaning that we are able to offer systems at a substantial educational discount and backed up with full, industry leading support.

Solution Designed For You


Whilst we offer a comprehensive range of 'off the shelf' solutions, we understand that the one size does not fit all which is why we offer a free initial consultation service to all higher education customers. We will discuss your needs and examine what technology you already have that might be retained. We can then custom design a solution tailored to the requirements of your project or course.

Ongoing Training & Support

Many broadcast technology companies can provide you with a studio but when you need some help, they are busy working on the next project! We are different because as the UK's leading developer of broadcast radio software, we believe we have a duty to our customers to ensure they can always get help when they need it. That's why we operate a UK based technical support team dedicated to assisting our customers. In addition, we have an extensive range of product documentation, tutorial videos and quick guides' designed to help you keep your skills up to date.


We also offer onsite installation and training on both the technical and creative aspects of radio and can provide a program of ongoing training at a very competitive price. Whether it is for students or staff, our experienced training team will be happy to help.



For more information and to discuss your project, contact our team today.

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