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Radio Journalism

Radio Journalism Courses

The modern world of radio journalism is an exciting, multi-skilled environment that requires your students to be one part  journalist, one part presenter and one part web blogger! We can help you to provide the environment tools to help your students achieve this juggling act! 

Many Universities offer dedicated radio journalism courses whilst others offer the radio newsroom experience as part of a wider journalism course. Whichever camp you fall into, our extensive experience in radio newsroom technology will help us to provide a solution that is right for you.

Modern Radio News


The modern radio newsroom is an exciting, dynamic place to work but it is also a demanding environment requiring journalists to frequently produce stories and bulletins covering local, national and international news that is packaged for delivery on a number of diverse platforms. Fortunately, radio newsroom technology has made it possible for a newsroom running with minimal staff to produce slick, professional sounding content that can be presented 'on air' as well as being published to a range of online platforms. 

Traditionally, national news was gathered from established sources (such as PA or IRN) and supplemented with locally focused stories produced by the station but the proliferation of 'push delivery' news services combined with social media means that radio news has had to adapt to remain relevant. Here are a few of the challenges radio newsrooms face:

Gathering and confirming news from a range of sources.

  • Traditional sources such as IRN
  • Alternate 'web delivered' sources such as Radio News Hub & FSN
  • Online news services (such as the BBC)
  • Social media
  • Local news sites, bloggers and facebook groups
  • Home grown stories investigated and written by the station (or freelancers)

All this content needs to be gathered to allow the journalist to decide what is important and what isn't. 

Once the news team have decided what stories should be included, they need to be prepared for delivery onto a number of different platforms including:

  • Read live 'on air' on the station - including audio cuts etc
  • Published on the stations website - including audio and pictures
  • Posted on social sites such as Facebook and AudioBoom
  • Distributed to other radio stations within the group

All this needs to be done once an hour!

As you can see, the modern newsroom reporter needs a number of different skills to succeed. Luckily, newsroom software has evolved to help.

Paperless Newsroom Software


Myriad News can run as a stand alone system or as part of a fully integrated solution with Myriad Playout. It provides a fully featured paperless newsroom system designed to allow a small news team to generate great content to be published on a number of diverse platforms. Myriad News is broken into three main parts.

  • Myriad News Capture - Automatically captures and categorises stories and audio from a range of compatible sources including:
    • IRN / Sky News
    • Any newsML compliant provider
    • Twitter
    • RSS Feeds
    • Email (via pop3)
  • Myriad News Edit - Used by the journalists to customise captured stories, add their own original content and compile them into bulletins. Features include:
    • Edit captured content copy and audio
    • Add your own stories, pictures and audio
    • Compile stories into hourly bulletins
    • Publish stories to your website as well as social media and AudioBoom.
  • Myriad News Playout - Present your bulletin 'live' on your station including text and audio.
    • Copy presented as clear, easy to read on screen text for paperless operation
    • Audio automatically cued relevent to each story read
    • Play jingles beds and even adverts
    • Fully journalist 'self operated'

Myriad news is used in radio newsrooms around the world and we have also provided key technology to all of the major news providers in the UK.


Not Everything Is Software


Of course, not everything in your newsroom will be software. You still need physical equipment to help you to present your news content as well as capture and edit audio. This may take the form of a small mixer in a studio plus some portable recorders for the journalists or maybe a full digital solution that integrates with your main studio systems. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to talk and recommend the right solution.

Ongoing Training & Support

Many broadcast technology companies can provide you with a studio but when you need some help, they are busy working on the next project! We are different because as the UK's leading developer of broadcast radio software, we believe we have a duty to our customers to ensure they can always get help when they need it. That's why we operate a UK based technical support team dedicated to assisting our customers. In addition, we have an extensive range of product documentation, tutorial videos and quick guides' designed to help you keep your skills up to date.


We also offer onsite installation and training on both the technical and creative aspects of radio news and can provide a program of ongoing training at a very competitive price. Whether it is for students or staff, our experienced training team will be happy to help.



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