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ISDN Replacement

ISDN Replacement

Broadcast Radio has teamed up with In:Quality Ltd to offer the ipDTL service to our customers.

ipDTL is Live Remote Broadcasting just requiring a Web Browser and a stable internet connection. It's an ideal replacement or alternative to the traditional ISDN and Telephone technology in use in radio stations around the world

At the remote end, all you need is a laptop (or Macbook), USB Microphone and Headphones! Simple to set-up as it runs in the Chrome browser. No proprietary hardware or software required.

At the Studio, you will need a PC connected to your mixer via a clean-feed (sometimes known as a mix-minus), as ipDTL has been designed by professional broadcasters it doesn't suffer from the strange audio artefacts from Skype or other similar domestic communication software.

Join the ipDTL Network: 
- Worldwide map of users.
- Search for studios and voice talent.
- Find TV & radio stations with ipDTL.

Telephone Compatibility:
- Automated ISDN Bridge.
- Replace traditional telephone hybrid.
- Create a Phone Patch for voice sessions

N/ACIP / SIP Compatibility: 
- Comrex ACCESS and BRIC-Link.
- LuciLive. 
- AoIP / VoIP SoftPhones.

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