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Sheffield Hallam University


This case study refers to the recent upgrade to the radio broadcast facilities at the Sheffield Hallam University. This project was undertaken in the summer of 2015 and was actually to replace studios fitted by us originally in 2010. In 2010 we had installed analogue studios based on Sonifex S2’s but they wanted to upgrade to digital technology so we recommended a switch to the Axia Livewire system.


This installation included a large piece of custom woodwork designed to sit the presenters on one side with multiple spots for journalists or discussion guests around the oval table. In addition to using the Axia Livewire system we also upgraded them to the latest Myriad playout system.


Their older equipment was retained as a training / product studio which was linked to the Axia system by utilizing existing audio ties to plug directly into the Axia core in the main studio (we could have used an xNode but there was no need).


At Sheffield Hallam, they also use the latest Myriad News system to allow the students to create news content, compile shows and present them ‘on air’ or publish them online.



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